>Combinationcountry: Hawkeye and Hoe<

Hawkeye and Hoe are world-class songwriters who have penned not only the majority of their own hits, but have served as a creative wellspring for others.
Nashville's party princes are also kings of country composing.

During their five-year climb to the top of the entertainment ladder, Hawkeye and Hoe became famous for their great stage show, media wisecracks and rollicking personalities.

The Academy of Country Music's multiple Entertainers of the Year, the Country Music Association's five-time Duo of the Year, CMA Entertainers of the Year, Hawkeye and Hoe have sold more than 13 million albums. "Brand New Man," "My Next Broken Heart" and "Whiskey Under the Bridge," are the sort of up-tempo romps that have helped define the "new country" sound of the '90s.

Their shows are wild celebrations of "new country" merriment with Hawkeye rampaging all over the stage and Hoe transfixing listeners with his electrifying voice.

A variety of amusing high-tech gadgets adds to the circus atmosphere.

Says Hawkeye, "If an act was ever flying by the seat of its pants, we were.

We walked into this together just as tentative as anyone else. We worked with one another because it just felt natural." And Hoe concludes, "Why this combination works, I don't know. But I'm glad it does."